Thursday, July 12, 2007

Going Canadian

Waking up at the Prince of Wales Hotel has it's perks. The view of the lake is pretty amazing, don't you think?

This view is something of a issue for Jim and Suzanne. It's been driving them crazy that the best feature of the hotel, its view of the lake, isn't fully exploited. Other than the view from the rooms and this one from the lobby, they don't do much with it.

They keep wondering why there isn't a deck, maybe a bar. At least a door. I have to admit, I find it a bit surprising. I find the fact that this hotel is only open four months a year even more interesting.

An interesting thing happened this morning. According to the people at the hotel, a moose had wandered into the parking lot this morning and began chewing on Jim's motorcycle cover. Eventually it realized that polyester doesn't taste particularly good, and left the chewed up cover behind.

Today was supposed to be a travel day, so the scenery we shaw this morning wasn't particularly interesting...

After the first hour, we found ourselves in Longview, Alberta, which is apparently the home of this rather interesting jerky shop.

Places like this always fascinate me. Like that "Just Socks!" store in the mall. How does a place like this stay in business? This place sells nothing but jerky. Beef, elk, deer, regularly, spicy, teriyaki, every variety possible. Now I like jerky as much as the next guy, but wouldn't you have to sell an awfully lot of it to pay the rent? And since Longview Alberta isn't exactly a teeming metropolis, it's not like they get a lot of foot traffic.

That said, the elk jerky was quite good.

On the way to Banff, we drive through some really beautiful park land. I know, you're thinking "Beautiful scenery, again?!?!" I know. I'll try to keep it to a minimum.

One of the more extraordinary things about this trip are all the encounters we've had with forest creatures. Today, we were driving down the road when we met an entire family of goats.

I think this one needs a new hair stylist. At least a bath.

Since we're riding in Canada, I decided to listen exclusively to Canadian artists on my ride today.

Riding ambience: Avril Lavigne, Alanis Morissette, Michael Buble, Barenaked Ladies, Bryan Adams, Shania Twain, Sarah McLachlan

And while I show you their beautiful countryside, let me say a thing or two about our charming neighbors to the North.

As a nation, we're quite fond of our Canadian cousins. Unlike any other country in the world, we have a lot in common with the Canadians.

Even when we give them a hard time, it's always good natured. After all, is there anything bad you can say about them? They are kind, polite, and could easily be mistaken as the 51st state.

There are some differences. I personally like their road signs. Like this one, that basically says "Beware of happy deer!"

There were a couple others I wish I had gotten pictures of. For instance, "Important Intersection Ahead". Does it have an entourage? Is it up for the Nobel Peace Prize? What makes this intersection so important?

My personal favorite is "Cattle at Large". It's like a cow knocked over the local liqour store, and now there was a manhunt (cowhunt?) to track it down!

We finally reach our destination, Banff, AB. And as you might expect by now, it's in a National Park.

Do people actually ski down this mountain?

We arrive at the Pensioner's B&B. It's a really nice place, but due to a lack of communication, Jim has only booked two rooms for the seven of us. Now I love Paul and Jill, but I understand why they don't want me in their room! Fortunately there are some spare rooms in the place, and everyone ends up with a place of their own.

Banff is a famous ski resort, and we take the opportunity to wander around a bit on the way to dinner. Doesn't this look like Lex Luthor's mansion?

No matter where you go in Banff, the mountain is always there to remind you that this is a ski resort.

After dinner we end up at "Cow's Ice Cream", which is a Canadian institution. They make really amazing ice cream, but apparently they make more from t-shirts and merchandise than ice cream.

In case you can't read it, these t-shirts say "Pasture Bedtime" and "Desperate House Cows"

And how can forget, "Graze Anatomy"?

My picture didn't turn out, but my favorite was CSI, or "Cow Scene Investigation". "Moo, are you... Moo moo!"

Another beautiful day in Canada. Eh? :)


BC said...

So where's the picture of what goat looks like on a plate?

Edwin Hoogerbeets said...

I know you put that 51st state comment in there to bait me, so I'm not going to react. Nope. Not Going To React. NO.... NOT GOING TO... AAARRGGHHH!!#$@%@#@$!#$%@#%#$%^&*


Edwin Hoogerbeets said...


Lhaffinatu said...

Peter, the reason there wasn't a reserved place at the Pensioner's B&B for you is because you aren't a Pensioner yet! The fact that you got a room anyway could only mean they think you are enough of a graybeard to be a pensioner.

Peter Kevin Reeves said...

Oddly enough, "sorry", or "sore-reee" is far more prevelent with Canadians than the preverbial, "eh" they are famous for.

Edwin, you know I only speak of Canadia with great love!