Friday, July 6, 2007

Big Sky Country

Going from Dillon to Missoula, Montana, was going to be a pretty mellow day. We had 180 miles to travel and just needed to get to Missoula before the BMW dealer closed.

Breakfast being the most important meal of the day, we stop at the Longhorn Saloon in Dillon. Surprisingly, a place where they use antlers in all of their decorating, actually makes a really tasty breakfast.

On the way out of town, I see the restaurant we had dinner at the night before. Sparky's Garage is one of those quirky places I only seem to find in the middle of nowhere. Really yummy food, quirky atmosphere, friendly folks. I would definitely go back. Shreesh would be proud of me.

The road from Dillon to Missoula is a great example of why they call Montana "Big Sky Country".

You get the chance to see lots of sky, and vistas for as far as the eye can see.

Paul and I were driving down the road, when before I knew it, he was slowed down to a crawl. I slam on the brakes, then finally see why Paul had slowed down. There was an eagle in the road!

I stopped in time to miss Paul, but not in time to avoid spooking the eagle. Before I can do anything, the eagle takes flight, and as I look up. Its soaring just a couple of feet above my head! I didn't have a chance to take any pictures of it airborne, but it did fly up to a perch where Paul could get a shot. It was very cool!

We went through this amazing section of mountain road, with miles of sweeping turns, surrounded by tens of thousands of trees.

I hated to see it end, but soon we were at the bottom of the big hill, and it would be uneventful the rest of the way.

We made it to Big Sky Motorsports with plenty of time to spare. We arranged to have our bikes serviced tomorrow, and all was right with the world

We're taking a couple of days off along with getting our bikes serviced. Rest is good!


Thrashes Rakes said...

Bravo! Keep up the good No-Chain work!

Cherie said...

Ahem.... call me an ignorant non-biker, but why do you need to keep stopping at bike dealers every few days for tune ups? You spent how much on a bike that can't go more than 1,000 miles without a visit to the doctor?? Sounds like it still needs it's shots!!!
XOXOXO love Cher

Peter Kevin Reeves said...

Actually, we stop every 6,000 miles for regular maintenance, and we've both gone through a set of tires. That's four stops right there. Pretty average for two cars if they were going 15,000 miles.

The break line bursting was a bit out of the ordinary... ;)