Friday, June 29, 2007

Wisconsin: The land of cheese and iPhones...

The next morning in Appleton, it was time to swap one friend for another. Larry was ready to head back to Michigan, and Paul's friend Fred was ready to join us for a little while.

Paul, Larry, Fred, his wife Bonnie, and I head over to a restaurant called "The Machine Shed" for breakfast. I don't know if the Machine Shed violates my friend Shreeshes "no chain restaurants" rule. They apparently have quite a few restaurants, but they are all family owned. So is this still a chain? I don't know, but they make a wonderful breakfast.

We had a great time, talking about this trip and trips we've all taken. Fred and Bonnie had recently made a trip to Gettysburg and had an amazing time. It's a shame we didn't know about all the cool things before we went, because it sounds like they saw some great stuff.

As we finished breakfast, Larry headed off to his ferry, Bonnie headed home, and Fred, Paul and I hit the road.

Not surprising, we saw many more miles of rolling green hills and farm land...

And even the occasional lake...

As you can see, it was a gorgeous day!

I love days like this!

Fred had to leave us way too early, but he gave Paul a lot of advice on good things to see along the way.

One of the his recommendations was a place in Osseo, WI called the "Norske Nook", where he assured us we'd find great pie. Since pie is one of my favorite motivations, we were definitely going to Norke Nook.

We arrive! We both order pie, apple for me, rhubarb for Paul.

I guess I've been spoiled by years of Julian pies, but theirs was okay. As we enjoyed our pie we discussed the most important topic of our journey so far. How do we each get an iPhone?

We were only a hundred or so miles from Saint Paul, MN. If we got on the interstate right now, we'd make it before their big rollout at 6:00pm. Obviously, we got on the interstate!

We arrived at the mall at 5:40pm. Would anyone in Minnesota buy a $600 phone? Take a look...

There were over two hundred people ahead of us in line. We waited patiently and hoped there would be enough for everyone.

Almost there...

I have to say, Apple really knows how to run a railroad. They were processing sales at an incredible rate, and within fifteen minutes of them opening the doors, Paul and I had our new toys!!!

I'll post a special "iPhone" blog later. It's pretty darn cool!


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Sripathi said...

Do you want to see tear down of your iPhone. See it in cascade groups.