Tuesday, June 26, 2007

We're on... the road... to Bitely... Bitely?

We start our morning in Toledo Ohio at Uncle John's pancake house. Paul has been jonesing for some buckwheat pancakes for weeks and Uncle John was happy to provide them. Actually, I hadn't had buckwheat pancakes since my father made them for me years ago, so I had them as well. I must say, they were pretty darn tasty!

Paul seems to have this gift with waitresses. It seems that everytime we order breakfast, they have the need to bring him the wrong stuff. Once again, I ordered coffee and OJ, and Paul just OJ. He got coffee. He asked for two pancakes, he got three. Oh well, it was easy enough to cope with. Especially from a waitress named "Wabbit".

"Wabbit" you say? Yes, apparently the sweet, old manager of the pancake house thought she was as cute as a bunny. So he changed her name in the cash register to Wabbit. Apparently it stuck!

We started our journey to Michigan, and to my delight, found my old friend was alive and well in Michigan.

One thing I forgot about the midwest was the long trains. There is something comforting about waiting for a long train. The relaxing sound of chug-chug-chug-chug as it meanders down the track.

We took a lot of country roads to head out to Larry's house in Bitely. Lots and lots of corn fields for as far as the eye could see.

It is quite pastoral...

After a good days ride, we arrive at Larry and Donna's house on the lake.

I had met Larry on our Route 66 trip, but this was my first time meeting Donna. She's very cool and friendly, and we had a great dinner at home, relaxing and talking. By this time Paul and I were getting pretty tuckered out, so Larry showed us to our cabin.

Pretty nice eh?

Their guest cabin is nicer than a lot of apartments I've rented!

As you can see from this picture from the next morning, it pretty sweet on the outside as well.

The road into their property is beautiful as well, but it is a bit tricky. That's sand in the road. It took a bit of patience to get our bikes across okay.

Fortunately, the part going to the house is paved.

As much as we would like to have stayed, it was time to head to Chicago.

So the three masked riders head off on their next great adventure. Chicago here we come!

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