Thursday, June 21, 2007

Vermont in one day or less...

This was basically a travel day. Unfortunately, there isn't a lot to stop for in Vermont, but a lot of beautiful scenery to look at along the way.

I really do love these old metal bridges...

I don't know if you can really see this, but at one point Paul pulled over and asked me to take a look at the right side of the road. It's an air strip where it's completely covered in flowers! Kind of cool! "Hey Bob, where do I land?" "How about on those bright flowers over there?"

For lunch, we arrived at Island Pond, Vermont.

We stopped at a place called Jennifer's Restaurant for lunch. For the first time in four days, my cell phone had service, and it was beeping like crazy to let me know about all the messages I hadn't received. After lunch I would definitely have to go through them, but pie waits for no man!

We get inside and the place is completely empty. Not surprising for 11:30am. So we find a table, sit down, and the waitress comes by. “Can you move to another table?” Gee, with this crowd I can see why you have to reserve a table!

Fine, we move to the next table and have a couple really yummy, gravy covered sandwiches. (I love Vermont!) And then some amazing desserts, Paul having the Boston Cream Pie and me having the Pecan.

While we're munching, all the tables fill in with lots of nice older ladies, having what looks like some sort city counsel meeting. We start talking to our waitress and she asks if we are the guys with the motorcycles. Turns out that the constable of Island Pond, VT made $78,000 dollars last year from traffic tickets. He basically tickets every motorcycle that goes through town if the drivers don't put both feet firmly on the ground when they stop. It's not illegal, but since no one ever drives back to contest the tickets, they make a fortune!

Well after driving very slowly out of town, we hit the road again.

Vermont is a very diverse state...

Okay, it took me awhile to get my camera out so the clouds scattered a little. But doesn't this look like a smiley face?

I had to stop when I saw these cows. Who says that happy cows are only in Calfornia?

Vermont definitely has its share of happy cows!

Unfortunately, we didn't have a chance to stop for Vermont maple syrup, so we had to settle for views like this...

I definitely need to come back someday. Maybe next time we can stop at the Ben and Jerry's factory!


Edwin Hoogerbeets said...

Yes, as you can taste from the Ben and Jerry's ice cream, the cows in Vermont are very happy too!

Lhaffinatu said...

Glad you guys didn't get a ticket for driving your bikes that town. The legendary BMW stealthiness probably saved you from being hassled by the man!

Pamela said...

Pity you had to breeze through Vermont. It's a lovely state with lots to offer. Vermont cheddar (especially the smoked variety) is pure heaven. Their maple syrup makes NH maple syrup look like Log Cabin.

(I lived there for two years and loved it.)