Sunday, June 17, 2007

The trek into Canada

We had hoped that if we got my motorcycle to the dealer on time, we'd get it fixed the same day. Unfortunately this wasn't going to happen. Apparently, these brake lines simply don't fail, so no one keeps them in stock. All BMW motorcycle dealers are closed on Sunday and Monday, so the soonest they would get to it was two days from now.
Since we had a couple days to play with, we decided to head to Canada to the Bay of Fundy.

So we head up to Canadia and wait patiently in line to get across the border.

Canada really is a beautiful place. It would have been a little more fun on my motorcycle, but it was still really nice from a car.


We got as far as Saint John and decided to stop for lunch. Really yummy crab cakes! And since we are now in a bi-lingual country, I decided to forego the pie and went for the crepes. Mmmmmm... strawberry crepes.

Yummy crepes aside, we had a long way to go to the Bay of Fundy. The Bay of Funday is an amazing place, where the tide rises and falls as much as fifty feet! When the tide goes out, the floor of the ocean is completely dry and you can walk on it.

We were going to a place called "Hopewell Rocks" where the extreme tides have eroded the rocks into these cool mushroom shapes.

Almost there...

Tomorrow we walk on the bottom of the ocean!

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