Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The rainy road to Gettysburg

Although it shouldn't have surprised me, I found that by the time we reached Washington DC, I needed a new set of tires on my motorcycle.

Fortunately, Jessup Maryland is the home of Bob's BMW. Bob's is well known in BMW motorcycle circles, since they come to all the BMW rallies and have a great reputation for customer service. So after our last day in DC, we drove out to Jessup so that I could tire-up the next morning.

Upon waking up I drove over to Bob's. I had called when we first got to DC, and like most of the dealers we've encountered on this trip, they take care of riders who are traveling. They said they would put me to the head of the line since tires are a safety issue.

After a couple of hours I was the proud owner of a new set of Metzler tires. Now it was time to head North.

Jill was having some trouble with the stereo in her helmet, so when we passed a local electronics store, we stopped to get it fixed. Jill waited for them to fix the helmet and Paul and I drove over to the Barne's and Noble for new maps.

This is when the day got interesting. On the way back from the bookstore it started to rain. A lot. A whole lot! By the time we got back to the electronics store, Paul and I were completely soaked.
The people at the electronics store were very nice and let us come in and dry off for awhile. This was a very good thing, since my shirt was dripping with water. After about thirty minutes, the rain let up, so we put on all our rain gear and headed towards Gettysburg.

Riding around dressed in layers of water proof clothing is not a lot of fun. Left to my own devices, I would never ride in the rain. Sometimes the fates don't share my point of view and we just have to face the peril.

By the time we got to Gettysburg the skies had cleared.

It's kind of interesting that the fields remain virtually untouched, with the exception of dozens of statues memorializing various soldiers and armies.

Unfortunately, the break in the rain was not long lived.

We drove onto Hazelton, Pennsylvania in the rain.

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