Thursday, June 14, 2007

A quiet afternoon on the road...

After yesterday's long ride through the rain, Jill decided that she would leave the motorcycling to Paul and I, and got herself a rental car.

Today's ride was remarkably uneventful, but enjoyable none the less. We covered four states, including Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts. We rode through the Catskills for a couple of hours, and then ended up at a great little cafe called the R&B Cafe. As you can see, they have a great view.

Not bad, eh?

After some tasty sandwiches and pieces of apple pie, we got back on the road. Not much to talk about today, just some nice roads, a variety of scenery, and an enjoyable day.

We started in Hazelton Pennsylvania and ended up in Worchester, Massachusetts, just outside of Boston. It was a long and beautiful day.


Edwin Hoogerbeets said...

Aha! Now you have had REAL, fresh maple syrup and now you know why the stuff we get here in California is just all... wrong. Commercial. And the fake stuff maple-flavoured stuff is right out. Forget about that. Once you've had real, you're spoiled.

But then again, you haven't had Ontario maple syrup. You see, Ontario is further away and to the side of where the big billowing cloud of pollution and acid rain from the manufacturing plants in the eastern states goes, so the Ontario syrup tastes even better! And with less pollutants, it is less likely to give you cancer. Okay, I just made that last one up, but it sounds reasonable, doesn't it?

(BTW - Quebec syrup is pretty good too, but it has a funny accent.)

Peter Kevin Reeves said...

Is this an example of your Canadian psychic ability? I don't mention maple syrup for another couple days.

Does maple syrup make you psychic? Cool!!!!

jeremy said...

'scuse me, Mr.Reeves, but I believe you completely bypassed the Lady's Estate in upstate Nueva York.
You better have a good excuse!

Peter Kevin Reeves said...

Actually, Mr. Pyles, I hope to come by Thursday night or Friday morning. Is this good for you and the clan?