Saturday, June 23, 2007

Niagara Falls and the Finger Lakes

We started our day in Auburn, NY, with breakfast at the Hunter Dinerant. The Hunter Dinerant is a old style diner, balanced precariously above the river.

The food was good, but proved to be another example of unintentionally bad service. I asked for orange juice and coffee and Paul asked for just orange juice. The girl brought him coffee. Paul asked for two pancakes, and she brought three. Both times she apologized profusely, but for some reason it keeps happening.

I think the fates just want Paul amped up on coffee and needs to eat more pancakes!

We decided to take a ride around the finger lakes before heading over to Niagara Falls.

As beautiful as the countryside was, we didn't get many direct views of the lakes. Not that I don't appreciate farm land, its just that it would have been nice to see more water.

One place that was really nice was Hector Falls. Not only did it afford a beautiful view of the lake, but was pretty amazing on its own.

See, there's the lake!

And the lower part of Hector Falls

As we made our way around, we occasionally got glimpses of the water...

After our visit to the lakes we headed towards Niagara Falls.

It is a powerful and awe inspiring act of nature

Take a look at the people in comparison to the falls. Niagara Falls is huge, and the force of that much water is palpable!

Yes, those are hundreds of people in blue plastic panchos, getting as close as they can to the base of the waterfall.

One of the institutions of Niagara Falls is the Maid of the Mist. This boat takes thousands of visitors to the base of the waterfall everyday.

Here you can see a couple of the Maids of the Mists against the backdrop of Toronto...

It's cool to look down, just don't jump!

Can you believe that people used to go over the falls in a barrel?

Tomorrow we wanted to go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, so we decided to hit the road and see if we could get as far as Erie, Pennsylvania.

We drove and drove and finally made it to Erie after dark. It was a relief to see the hotel after so many hours on the road, and I watched the bikes as Paul went in to get us a room. Well, he tried to get us a room. You see, the state soccer finals are happening in Erie this weekend, and there wasn't a hotel room for thirty miles!

About thirty miles down the road in Conneaut, OH, was another Days Inn, which supposedly had lots of room. So again we hop on our motorcycles and hit the road. It was getting cold, and it was a bit disconcerting that we were following seven cars down the driveway to the hotel in Conneaut! Their passengers apparently weren't too bright, since they drove around looking for parking as Paul and I drove right up to the front door. Good thing we did, since Paul got the very last room available!

Now we were pretty hungry, so we ate at the only restaurant available to us at 10:30PM, Burger King. You know, at 10:30, about ten hours after we last ate, greasy fast food tasted awfully good! When we returned to our room we both fell asleep almost immediately.

It was a long, fun day. Tomorrow, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!


Edwin Hoogerbeets said...

You were kidding about the "Toronto" comment right? Toronto is about 60 miles to the north. You were looking at Niagara Falls, Ontario, of course.

Did you see the generators? The first ever hydro-electric AC generators in the world were built here at Niagara Falls and first put into operation in 1896. Nikola Tesla invented the concept of AC power for long-distance transmission, and George Westinghouse was contracted to construct the giant generators. It's a very historic place -- the birth of modern electricity!

Peter Kevin Reeves said...

I thought the big Canadian tower was in Toronto. Does Niagra have an identical tower, or am I just seeing it on the horizon.

Lhaffinatu said...

Peter did you meet up with any of Fred Tracy's old Curriculum Designer or AMS customers there in the Finger Lakes? heh Awsome photos there! Keep em coming!

Thrashes Rakes said...

You should check out Love Canal while you're up there! You could do a KiddOfSpeed drive through it!

valerie said...

Wow...Peter...Amazing pictures! I've never been to the falls but after those pics, I feel like I have. Hell if I'd wear a blue poncho and try to get as close to the falls as possible. What if the falls gobble you up!? :)

Edwin Hoogerbeets said...

Yes, Niagara Falls has the Skylon tower. Here is an imagine of it:

Skylon Tower

Toronto has the CN Tower. Here is an image of that:

CN Tower

See? They look different.

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