Friday, June 1, 2007

Key West

One of the things I looked forward to most when we started to plan this trip, was driving down to Key West.

A "Key" is a small, low island, and the Florida Keys are a series of these islands that run South and West of Florida for about one-hundred miles. And thanks to our tax dollars, these islands are conveniently connected by a series of bridges, allowing us to drive from Key Largo to Key West without getting on a boat even once.

The Keys are a particularly enjoyable ride, since everywhere you look is water, bridges, trees, or caribbean flavored Victorian buildings.

Did I mention that there are a lot of bridges? The longest is about seven miles long, and you can see the previous bridges alongside the new ones.

Once we arrived we had a whole extra day to explore. We started with the most Southern point in the United States, marked by this big, cheesy bouy!

Of course, Key West is most famous for being the home of Ernest Hemmingway. Here is his cool house, which we know he lived. This is very different from all the bars in town that say "Hemmingway lived here". Kind of like the seventeen places in San Francisco that all claim they invented the Irish Coffee.

Across from the Hemmingway House is the Key West lighthouse.

The entire island feels like it hasn't changed since the beginning of the twentieth century. Kind of like a slightly less adult version of the French Quarter in New Orleans...

In our walks down Duval Street, the main drag of historic Key West, we found our way into Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville. Since we were in quest of a good mojito, it seemed like a good start.

Unfortunately, they didn't have mojitos, so we had to move on. After a few failed attempts, we found what we were looking for at the Hard Rock Cafe.

Which to our pleasant surprise, made a really good mojito! Then we were back to our explorations.

Of course, Paul was once again picking up on chicks...

All and all, we both really enjoyed Key West. The buildings we beautiful, the Key Lime pie was really good, and we found out the Hemmingway preferred grapefruit daquiris. Who knew?

And just like the French Quarter, you couldn't go ten feet without hitting another bar...

We spent a good part of our day just driving through the town, looking at all the cool architecture.

Next to the Southernmost Point bouy, every business was "The Southermost Insert Name Here". Above is the most Southernmost Hotel in the US.

Between our ride and our numerous (and very long!) walks, we had a great time in Key West.

Alas, our time came to an end, and the next day we would once again hit the road.


Edwin Hoogerbeets said...

Two down, two to go!

Peter Kevin Reeves said...


Yes, we've hit two corners! Two more to go!

crashfaster said...

damn! i wish i could have tried some of that key lime pie!

the keys look really cool...maybe there IS some redeeming quality to florida!