Tuesday, June 19, 2007

In search of Katherine Arthurs...

After our trip into Canada, it was time to head back to the states and hopefully get my motorcycle back.

After a month on the motorcycles, it had been really strange to go so long without it. It was nice to have someone to talk to, but I was a bit jealous of Paul driving about in the Canadian wilderness.

On the way back I got a text message from my friend Katherine. She had been born in Bangor, Maine, and had hoped that we might get a couple pictures of her childhood home. I checked the GPS and found out that her old house was only about a mile from our planned course, so I talked Paul and Jill into a small detour.

As you can see, Bangor is a picturesque New England town!

It was pretty easy to find her old house...

Pretty cool, eh? Hard to believe that Bangor is the home town of Steven King, and that some of his scariest books are based here.

This is about the time I called Street Cycles BMW to see if my motorcycle had been repaired. Not only had it not been repaired, the replacement brake line was not even in the state! Apparently BMW had shipped the brake line, but it had only gotten as far as Memphis, TN. I was going to have to wait another day to get my part.

It wasn't long before we were back in Falmouth, ME. Not only is this the place where my motorcycle was having a spa day (or three), but it was next to Freeport, home of L.L. Bean.

For those of you who may not know, L.L. Bean is a famous mail order company, specializing in cool, outdoorsy things. I for one don't enjoy living outdoors (A hotel without room service is roughing it to me) but I do like there stuff. I suspect that they should rename Freeport, "L.L. Beanville" since they have multiple, gigantic stores here!

Here, Paul and I pose in front of a giant boot. I just want to know where they keep its mate.

As you can see, there are a lot of L.L. Bean stores.

This was my personal favorite item. Yes, it really is a Chocolate Moose!

Not to sound like a commerical, but it really is an amazing store.

How many stores do you know with their own trout pond? And yes, it is fully stocked with fish. Maybe they give fishing lessons here...

After our visit to Freeport, Jill was feeling a bit tired so we dropped her off at the Falmouth Inn (Amazing showers!) and Paul and I headed off to dinner. Paul definitely had one of his better meals at the Foreside Tavern. I had a really yummy maple and molasses salmon. Mmmmm... Maple syrup...

Hopefully my motorcycle will be done tomorrow.


Timo said...

I think the foot that belongs in that that boot is on the "Lost" island.

Peter Kevin Reeves said...

My God! It's the "Others"!!!!

Katherine said...
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Katherine said...

Peter! Thank you very much. My Mom was very interested to see how her first home with my Dad has faired. She was pleased to see how well it has held up in the past 40 years. She was most please to see the porch was still there, she remembers fondly sitting out there rocking me, Ha.

They paid $60 per month!!!....ah 1963!

Edwin Hoogerbeets said...

There wasn't a lot of kids running around near that shoe was there? Any old ladies living in it?