Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I want my motorcycle back!!!!

I wake up this morning at the Falmouth Inn, to the sound of someone packing up a car. I get dressed, look outside, and Jill is getting ready to head home. We say our goodbyes, then I head back in to get showered and dressed.

After I'm once again among the living, I call up Street Cycles. Yes, my part will be in this morning, but it is going to take at least five hours to do the repair work. So Paul and I walk up and down the street in a vain attempt to find breakfast. Having failed in our attempt, we end up at McDonalds.

Okay, not exactly what I wanted for breakfast, but a sausage McMuffin will have to do. But what to do with our five hours of free time? Hey! There's a movie theatre across the street, and Ocean's 13 is starting in fifteen minutes.

So off to the movies we go. I haven't been in two months, so I'm justifiably happy with this chain of events.

Two hours later...

Not the best movie I've seen. As Oceans movies go, it's not as good as the original, but better than the second one. Now it's time to head over to Street Cycles and see if my motorcycle is finished.

Not quite yet.

In fact, the new ETA is 5:00PM. Five o'clock! What did I do to the poor thing that it takes a total of seven hours to fix? Here I thought it was just a brake line. Apparently it's open heart surgery.

Oh well, not much we can do but sit around and be patient. Paul and I look at all the things we can buy, yet somehow manage to keep our self control. Very difficult for Paul, since they have the Bluetooth wired helmets by Nolan. Fortunately for his wallet, they refuse to set up a demo machine, and Paul doesn't want to be a $700 guinea pig. So we wait patiently for my bike to get fixed.

While we wait we talk to a friendly guy from Vermont named George, who apparently owns a Napa auto parts store. Nice guy, although some of his jokes are pretty bad. Still, he keeps us amused until 4:45PM when my motorcycle is finally finished.

The good news, my motorcycle is happy and healthy. The bad news, the brake fluid has caused nasty cosmetic damage to the shaft drive and the exhaust. Still, as long as my motorcycle is running I can handle it looking a bit ugly. I'll have to get the cosmetic work fixed when I get back to San Francisco. The important thing is that my brakes actually work.

So off on the road again.

We do make one quick stop for dinner in Paris, Maine. The place is called the Smilin' Moose, and the people seem quite friendly, with lots of questions about our bikes and our travels. Very nice. Then we're back on the road, trying to get as far West as we can before sunset.

Fortunately we make it as far as Lancaster, NH. If I didn't know better, I would say that the inn keeper had a thing for our friend Paul. Still, he's a stand up guy, so he resists her innuendo about saving him a muffin, and we head to our room. Another exciting day on the road, with the result that I'm once again on my motorcycle, and it's happy and healthy.


Edwin Hoogerbeets said...

How did you know better? Maybe she DID have a thing for Paul? After all, he is relatively good-looking, has a bad-boy biker image, and from what I hear made a killing in the semiconductor industry... What more could an Innkeeper from New Hampshire want? (Except maybe less visits from Larry, Darryl, and Darryl)

Peter Kevin Reeves said...

Okay, I'm pretty certain that the innkeeper did have a thing for Paul. He is a handsome and charming guy. (To quote an ex-girlfriend of mine, "All that and money too...")

Still, he resisted her muffiny charms. What a stand up guy!