Friday, June 15, 2007

A day in Boston

After we woke up in Worchester, Paul, Jill and I headed into Boston for a quick visit and a bite of lunch.

We wanted to see as much as we could, so we decided to walk along the Freedom Trail. Oddly enough we started in the middle of the trail at the Old State House.

Boston is a great old city, with lots of oddly angled roads and alleys, and centuries old buildings surrounded by their modern siblings.

One such building is the Old South Meeting House. In the late 1700's it was the largest building in Colonial Boston. When it was a house of worship, Ben Franklin was baptized here. Later, it was where thousands of Colonists got together and declared that there should be no taxation without representation, and planned the Boston Tea Party.

And there are many reminders of our old friend Ben...

Most great eastern cities have these immense parks, and Boston is no different. On a beautiful summer day, few things are more enjoyable than a walk through Boston Common.

The Park Street Church is another one of those great old buildings.

As much as we were enjoying our walking tour, we were feeling a bit peckish. So it was time to head to one of our favorite restaurants, the Union Oyster house. It's down the street from this landmark, Faneuil Hall.

After lots of walking, we finally arrive.

As you can see from this impressive brass plaque, the Union Oyster House is the oldest continually operating restaurant in the United States. It's also a place with fond memories for me.

Twenty years ago when Paul gave me my first grown-up job, he took me on a business trip to Boston to go to the MacWorld Exposition. Shortly after we arrived he took me to the Union Oyster House. Well I didn't know anything about budgets or per-diems, so I had no idea what was appropriate to order.

The waitress comes up and asks up what we'd like to order, and Paul says, "I'll have the lobster thermador. Peter, do you want one?" Who was I to disagree with my new boss and the CEO of my company? Needless to say, I have fond memories of the Union Oyster House.

Seems only fitting that I would return here years later with Paul and Jill!

Alas, it was time to hit the road. We needed to get to New Hampshire before dark.

Now there isn't a whole lot to see in Ossipee, NH, but if you ever find yourself there, I highly recommend a little locals place called Jake's Seafood.

It's not very big or impressive, but the food was remarkably tasty! Personally, I found it hard to believe that I had been in New England this long without having devoured a lobster. And no, the lobster and crab cakes at the Union Oyster House didn't count.

I do love visiting a place where lobster is relatively cheap and plentiful!


Tom said...

What? A visit to Boston and no visit to the Hong Kong to go bowling? I'm SOooooo disappointed!

Roz said...

Did anyone in Boston make a disparaging comment about your mother or your manhood? No? I'm SOooooo disappointed!

Peter Kevin Reeves said...

It was a very short visit, so no bowling or disparaging comments of any kind. Guess I'll have to go back. ;)