Sunday, June 17, 2007

Blame Canada!

Sorry about the lack of blogs, but Canada is big on vegetation and lacking in internet connectivity. Hopefully we'll be back online in the next day or two.


jeremy said...

Reeves, we expect at least one blog posting in French, please.
Oh, and please give my regards to Celine Dion.

BC said...

Remember, the correct grammar is, "Sorry about the lack of blogs, eh?".

Tom said...

Edwin don't read this comment - its designed to offend Canadians.

See, I've always contended that living in Canada is like having a loft apartment over the greatest party place in town. So close to the action...but nothing there. Its a wasteland, eh? You betcha...'cept British Columbia and the Rockies which are too damn beautiful to be considered any nationality.

Outside of the University of Waterloo, do they use computers up there? Come back to Amerika soon, Peter.

Morgan said...

Beware of moose!

Roz said...

Also beware of people "Going Canadian". And don't forget to order "poutain" with your french fries. It gives them some real zest.