Sunday, May 20, 2007

West Texas

Today we drove from Carlsbad Caverns, NM to Terlingua, TX, home of Big Bend National Park.

If you've ever been to West Texas, you know that there isn't a whole lot to see...

Mostly, the roads are straight, empty, and there isn't a whole lot to look at...

We drove for almost two hours before we made it to Pecos Texas. We was a wee bit of trouble finding a place to have lunch, but eventually we found an open Dairy Queen. I know, Pecos is an exciting town!

But soon after our lunch we were once again on the roads of West Texas. And once again looking at scenery like this...

and this...

It wasn't entirely without its charms. Paul has a remarkable talent for spotting desert flora, so occassionally we'd stop to take some pictures of the local scenery.

And then back on the road. Fortunately, the closer we got to Big Bend, the more interesting the terrain became. We actually got some twists in the road, and even the occassional mountain!

Finally, about 300 miles later, we find our way to Terlingua, TX. In it there is a beautiful old Ghost Town. And the centerpiece of the Ghost Town is the Starlight Theatre.

As you can see, its protected by a vicious attack dog!

Okay, that's just Paul. And the dog was pretty friendly too.

We sat down inside, had a couple of drinks, and even chatted up a few other BMW drivers. It seems that it was BMW motorcycle day in Terlingua, because there were many other bikes in town today. All BMW. What can I say, we're the cool kids!

After hearing how wonderful the food was, we decided to settle in for dinner. Paul's medalions of pork left a bit to be desired, but my filet mignon was quite good! The apple cinnamon flautas were pretty tasty as well, as soon as they stopped being the temperature of molten lava.

We ending up sharing our meal with another rider from San Antonio named Fred. He told us about some cool rides in Texas, as well as just being good company. Soon dinner was over, we said our good byes to Fred, and headed across the Texas country side in quest of our hotel, the Big Ben Motor Lodge.

Nice scenery, eh?

Quite beautiful, until the storms came...

Fortunately, we made it to our room just in time. All and all, it was a remarkably relaxing and enjoyable day. The three hundred miles went quickly, the people of Terlingua were nice, and once again we end our day in a nice, comfy room.
Gee, life is rough.
Tomorrow we'll get an early start and head into Big Bend National Park. I'm sure I'll have some great pictures for you then!


Jill said...

You're a great travel writer! I love following you guys this way. Thanks & keep up the good work-keep the photos coming too!
Have a great Monday~

Tim said...

Great photos there Peter! You sure got an eye for what to show!

Larry said...

Hi Peter and Paul (where's Mary?)

I got caught up on your trip today and I really wish I was with you (except for the parts where you ran out of gas, blew a tire in 101 degree temp, rode in the rain/hail/fog and stuff like that.

Hope you are enjoying Big Bend. It is one of Donna and my favorite places to hike.

Keep up the great blogs and photos.