Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A very busy day...

Today was a very busy day. Everyone was up by 7:00AM, including me. Within a couple hours we were showered, packed, had gone to Starbucks, stopped by Adam and Aubri's to say goodbye, went by the Pancake House to see Pete, Dar, Delores and Griff, and ended up at Eric's house to see the girls. All before 10:00!

First we wanted to get to the San Diego/Tijuana border crossing (the first of the "Four Corners"). Then we'd head over to a cool little cafe in the middle of nowhere called The Dulzura Café, which conveniently was on the way to Yuma.

Before we go, we make one last stop at Eric's house. Eric was trapped because their nanny couldn't get in until noon, but Eric was determined to ride with us at least part of the way. So Paul and I drove down the coast road as far as we could, then made our way to the Mexican border. Then we headed over to Dulzura where Eric would meet us.

It actually worked quite well. The coast rode is always gorgeous and we got a couple of pictures of us at the border. Then we headed down the twisty country roads to Dulzura.

Dulzura is along an old stagecoach route, just North of Tecate Mexico. As such, the road was nice and twisty and a lot of fun. Shortly we were at the Dulzura Cafe, eating freshly made carne asada tacos and waxing poetic about motorcycle rides.

Unfortunately, Eric was having such a good time riding again, that he forgot to fill his gas tank. He made it to the Dulzura Cafe without a problem, but was unsure if he'd make it much further. So Paul and I paced him for twenty miles as we headed back towards the freeway.

Good thing we did! We're having a great time, three friends riding through some amazing country roads, as Eric's bike ran out of fuel. Here we are on a desert road in the middle of nowhere and Eric's bike is dead!

Paul being the guy he is (hey, he's had 60 years to get this way!) drove off in quest of gasoline, as Eric and I waited and wondered, "How do you carry a gas can on a motorcycle?"

It was a great opportunity for Eric and I to hang out for awhile, although it was a bit nicer back at the cafe. Still, we had a good chat until Paul returned with a gallon of gas strapped to his passenger seat!

With our crisis averted, once again we were on the road. Eric stopped for a refill and we said our goodbyes. After all, Paul and I still needed to get to Yuma. The only bad part is that the temperature was rising and within the next ten minutes, it was well over 100 degrees!

This is where I thank Morgan for telling me about the Kilimanjaro Air motorcycle jacket he recommended. You see, when you zip out the liner, it's just mesh and armor. That's it! So the air passes through really easily, and I can keep my jacket on, even when it tops 100 degrees.

Finally we make it to sunny Yuma, (sunny being the optimal word) and check into the luxurious Days Inn-Yuma. Not exactly the Ritz, but it has a working air conditioner, so I'm happy.

Now in deference to my pal Shreesh, a wonderful human being with an unnatural hatred of all chain stores and restaurants, we ended up having dinner at a place called "Logan's Roadhouse". For those of you familiar with Morgan and my trip to Anderson, CA to get custom made motorcycle seats, "Logan's Roadhouse" was a great little restaurant in Redding that wasn't part of a chain, but aspired to be. Well apparently they succeeded, because they've opened an identical one in Yuma.

Sorry Shreesh, I can't resist the "Yeasty rolls".

So that brings us to right now. It's barely 9:45pm, but after a long day of riding it's time for me to get some sleep. I hope this doesn't mean that I'm going to become a morning person!


Eric said...

Lies! All Lies! I most certainly did NOT forget to fill my gas tank. I pushed it too far to make sure I made it to Dulzura Cafe on time. Then, I made the mistake of believing the local yokel who told me that there was gas in Barrett Junction. Here's an important tip for all you Southern California motorcycle riders out there. There's no gas in Barrett Junction. You have to go all the way to Campo. I know, doesn't make sense to me either, but there it is...

Eric said...

Hmmm, I just realized that i probably dug myself in deeper by essentially saying, "no, I didn't forget to put gas in the bike, I did it deliberately!"

In the immortal words of Gilda Radner, "Never Mind."

Katherine said...

Uhm, yeah I was wondering how the "I did it on purpose" defense was better.

Glad you cleared it up.. ;-)

Edwin said...

Okay, other than the tacos and "yeasty rolls", there was no mention of the specifics of what you ate. Come on! We were waiting for it.

This is sort of like a "Feasting on Asphalt" except that I know the stars and they aren't talking about the food.

Thrashes Rakes said...

Glad to see you are carrying on the no chain banner! Chain wannabes do not a chain make.
So, how yeasty were the yeasty rolls? Did soft whisps of steam escape as you tore off each succulent morsel?
Speaking of chains and succulent morsels we went to Lapetite today where we ate in the dark, as the power was out.