Friday, May 11, 2007

Getting started...

I've already started my three month sabbatical, and so far I'm having an amazing time. I just got back from a week in Tuscany, where I went for my friend Randy's wedding. Now I'm packing up everything for my two-and-a-half month motorcycle trip.

For those of you who don't know, I'm going on a famous course called "The Four Corners". Basically you drive a motorcycle from San Diego to Florida to Maine to Seattle and back. And there are some crazy people in the world who do it in 11 days! Fortunately, my friend Paul and I are not that insane and are taking the leisurely route and some interesting side roads.

In our case, we're starting in San Diego, heading to Key West Florida, up to Bangor, Maine, into Newfoundland Canada, over to Michigan, down to Chicago, out to Missoula Montana, down through Vancouver BC, into Seattle, then back to San Diego. It should be an amazing ride!

So I'm off to pack and do my last bits of planning. I'll keep you up to date in this blog!



jeremy said...

Is New York one of the four corners?
If not, I doth protest.
We've got many corners in New York. We even like to cut corners.
Reeves, you better stop by to see us in upstate New York, only an hour north of the GW Bridge (that's for George Washington, not George W Bush!) and only an hour north of Broadway showgirls.

Reeves, we're counting on you,

The Lady.

Roz said...

By four corners, Peter meant his soul, not geographical. The reason he is going to Key West, Bangor, Newfoundland, (Canadia), Michigan, Chicago, Missoula, Vancouver BC and Seattle is to accomplish a long standing dream -- to get an awesome blossoms everywhere in the continental US and Canada where there shouldn't be any. Thank God It's Friday everyday of the week! There, Dear Lady, I hope that clears up your confusions.

Eric said...

Well, that's why they call them "awesome."

crashfaster said...

I'm finally catching up to all of your postings...
They're making me jealous!