Thursday, May 17, 2007

Day Three

Today we started the day by getting Paul's tires replaced at Iron Horse BMW.

They were very nice folks, who put Paul at the head of the que since we were "travelers in distress". Why they were at it, they found three things that needed to be fixed under warranty. Spending a good part of the day at a motorcycle dealer isn't quite as fun as riding around the countryside, but it worked out well.

Speaking of which, Paul and I ended up buying a lot of new stuff. Of particular interest were two new cans of "Fill your tire with goo" as well as a new rain suit for me. They carry a type of rain suit called "FroggToggs", which are about the weight of crepe paper, water proof, and let air pass through easily. Most rain suits are heavy, rubber, don't breathe, and cost a small fortune. This one was light, comfy, and on sale for $60! What's not to like?

Eventually we got Paul's bike all taken care of, and we were ready to hit the road.

Little did I know that Paul had such an interest in desert flora! We stopped a couple of times to take pictures of the local foliage.

Getting on the road after 2:00pm, we needed to hit the road if we had any hope of making to our destination for the day, Silver City.

This doesn't mean that we don't stop for really cool stuff. And along the way we stopped to visit Tombstone Arizona, home of the world famous "Shootout at the OK Corral".

If you've ever seen the movie "Wyatt Earp" or "Tombstone", you'd recognize many of the people immortalized in Tombstone. Doc Holiday's lifelong companion was a woman named, "Big Nose Kate", who owned her own saloon and brothel. With a description like that, we had to stop for lunch!

We had a chance to meet a cool guy named Steve, who own's "Big Nose Kate's Saloon" and a couple of other restaurants in Tombstone. Very cool guy! His daughter lives in Carlsbad, so he was asking Paul's advice on places should buy a house. We were happy to help a man that makes such a delicious Reuben sandwich!

After chatting with Steve, we were back on the road.
Being so late in the day, we were pretty sure that we couldn't make it to Silver City before dark. We hoped to make it to Lordsburg which is about 50 miles shy, and started on our way.
Well we almost made it.
About twenty minutes out, we start seeing rain and lightning on the horizon. Then our road turned and headed right into it!
We pulled over and put on all our rain gear. See, when I bought that rain suit earlier in the story, you probably thought, "Hey, why does Peter need a new rain suit? Hasn't he been complaining that its 102 degrees?" Ha!!!! My rampant consumerism is rewarded!!!
So we suit up, get back on the road, and before we even get on the freeway, its pouring!
Then its not just pouring, its hailing. Unfortunately, the rain suit keeps me dry, but it doesn't protect me from the pummeling. Still, we only have fifteen miles to go, so we drive really slowly towards Lordsberg.
In the twenty-five minutes between suiting up and getting to the Day's Inn, Lordsberg, we are hit with torrential rain, hail, and even fog. Times like this are really scary on a motorcycle, the tires always threatening to slip out from under you. Fortunately we make it to the hotel and get under the overhang. If you look carefully, you can see the lightning!

We go to check in and are told that there is only one room left. At this point we're happy to have anyplace to stay, so we take it.
This room is huge! I think its mainly used for conventions or demonstrations, because its easily 2,000 square feet. It has a living room with two couches and a wide screen TV, a kitchen, dining room, and two bedrooms, each with their own bathrooms! Not a bad place to end up after a rainstorm.
So here we are at the end of another eventful day.
Assuming that the rain and hail let up, tomorrow is supposed to be the longest drive of the trip. It should be just shy of 500 miles, as we drive towards Carlsbad Caverns. It should be fun!


Tim said...

Wow, tough couple of days. Sorry to hear about Paul's tire. Keep up the great blogging though! And pictures!

Eric said...

Indeed. Glad to hear you bought the rainsuit, you consumerist you.

Roz said...

Amazing day, Peter! In the saloon shot I could see the joy on your face. You were in a really cool spot on a very cool trip doing what you have been planning to do for about a year now. The rain was gravy on your plate, no?

jeremy said...

I think "Day 3" deserves a more imaginative title than "Day 3". Reeves, think poetical thoughts and get back to us with something juicy and enticing.