Monday, May 21, 2007

Big Bend National Park

It stormed so badly last night that I was pleasantly surprised that today started off so sunny!

We got an early start and headed into Big Bend National Park. As you can see, lots of other motorcycle riders had a similar idea.

When Paul and I did Route 66 three years ago, we found out the that national park service offered annual passes that gave you unlimited access to all the natioal parks. So this morning, seeing that this would be the first of several national parks we'd be visiting on this road trip, we got new passes. Then off into Big Bend!

As you can see, the scenery was absolutely gorgeous!

We had lunch at the Chisos Mountains Lodge, looking out over Chisos basin. Then we were off once again.

We spent quite some time driving through Big Bend, the finally it was time to move on. We got onto the freeway and headed into exciting Del Rio, TX for the night. Okay, its not particularly exciting, but it does have the virtue of being half way between Big Bend and Corpus Christie, which is tomorrow nights destination.
Over dinner, we contemplated spending some extra time in New Orleans. Perhaps going so far as to spend most of the memorial day weekend there. Now we're off to plan, then off for another restful night's sleep!


Roz said...

Damn! Those are some amazing blue skies! How is your fishnet jacket doing in the heat? Have you decided on buying a pair of fishnet pants yet?

Peter Kevin Reeves said...

The fishnet jacket really rocks! I've never had a fully armored jacket that I could wear in 100 degree heat before!

Sorry, I know you're disappointed, but no fishnet pants for me yet...

jeremy said...

I was hoping for some more pictures of rock formations.
Can you guys go back to west texas, because I really think that deserves some more exploration.

Morgan said...

you didn't mention your assless chaps...